About Focal

Big law isn’t always the best solution for big legal needs.

Focal is a forward-thinking law practice. Our approach is practical, straightforward and driven by our clients’ business realities.

Based in Seattle, our team represents companies that are building remarkable businesses. Whether they are big or small, many of our clients are breaking new ground in tech, media, SaaS, or simply in their dedication to brew a better beer.

We know it’s not an expensive office that makes our legal team great—it’s experience, knowledge and a personal commitment to our clients and their success.

Nate and Venkat, Founders

These guys are great to talk with, and good about explaining the business impact of things.

Eric Dementhon, Founder

We do things differently here.

Unencumbered by the traditional paradigm of legal service, Focal draws upon a wealth of legal experience and business knowledge to find news ways of solving the legal challenges facing our clients. We recognize that a new and ever-changing business landscape requires new legal solutions.

Focal delivers more than first-class legal insightwe create value for our clients with an updated, industry-focused model designed for today’s dynamic business environment.


Meet our happy clients

Just a few of the reasons top companies are choosing to partner with Focal.

We're agile.

We respond quickly and easily to our clients’ workflows and business demands. By meeting growing companies where they are, we are able to target each client’s core needs.

We're informed.

We respond to the latest tech and business news to anticipate our clients’ needs and empower them to make strategic decisions. Focal is on the pulse of the industry developments that affect our clients.

We create value.

Focal offers big-team insight and experience without big-firm overhead. Our resources are exclusively dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality legal advice.

We deliver exceptional service.

Every Focal client has direct access to seasoned attorneys who understand their business and industries. Responsive and generous collaborators, Focal attorneys ensure our clients receive the personalized service they need and deserve.

We're focused.

Focal cuts through the noise. Keeping a close watch on your industry and business goals, we target what really matters and what really works. We keep your legal matters on track and on budget.

Focal in the news

Major blogs and publications look to our team for our take on emerging legal areas. Tuned into the latest technology, business and legal trends, we’re constantly learning, writing and thinking about what’s coming next.